Design and especially good design is much more than just aesthetics. Far more than well-placed graphics, layout and typography. More than just an individual’s superficial decoration. There are many who do not appreciate the value a good design provides (frankly, to their detriment). I will try to expand on some of the aspects that stack up and offer real value.

Simplify complex ideas

Your business model may be complicated, your service offering may be too technical for most to understand or bother to understand, and many of your employees may even struggle to describe what they do and how the work train operates. These can indeed be simplified through effective design. There are many languages but everyone could understand an image. As a business you want wide coverage exposure. It is only a good thing that anyone and everyone should identify your business and what you offer.

But How?

Through a series of well-designed visual compositions through multiple media outlets. In other words, a well-implemented branding strategy. A great example of this is Tesla. They've achieved this by simply being relevant - by virtue of being in the right place at the right time. Their visual branding convey exactly that.

Extract narratives from data – tangible metrics from abstract ideas

Every business started off somewhere, sometime ago, thus they have a narrative, a theme that conveys what they, as a company is all about. For effective story-telling, great design must be responsible and someone designed it. A story can be portrayed in many ways and from different angles, hence an ideal vantage point is obtained by one who has a great eye and a perspective that’s unique and meaningful. This, in a way describes great design. There is a plethora of ideas and choosing the select few, arranged effectively can mean the difference between an unforgettable brand or an aesthetically tacky article.

Emotional connections to your target audience

A well-told story therefore, makes connections – human, emotional connections that lasts. A great quote that I wish I came up with (a personal favorite);

“Design to Express not to Impress”

This is what many designers aspire to, to promote individuality, something that screams, “I have something to offer”. Of course, applied in the business platform, it is the exact same. So many loud voices, so many characters and personalities that proliferate the world, the online world. With most humans (at least in the West) have screens; the Internet really is your oyster. How does one stand out? Simply be better. Well, what’s better? Better looking? Better placed? Better paid? Yes, all of the above and more if you can help it. Every little edge counts.

In reality, anyone has the ability to connect with someone else, the crux of it however, is how many? The more you connect with, the more well-known you become, the more opportunities you have to substantiate yourself. But once you make that connection, you, as a business have acquired something truly valuable. Revenue streams? In part, yes, but also prestige, an embedded icon into the subconscious of the masses, a celebrity status. Good design can do this for you – believe it or not. So, do not sell yourself short.

Whether your business is plumbing or offering IoT solutions, you can mark yourself as the best in your game and let others now it. A clashing color scheme can ruin it for you. Avoid this by getting in touch with a professional who has a track record. One whose previous clients have experienced success through a re-brand. The right design agency can make or break it for you.